Ninja Skills For Life And Business

Ninja Skills For Life And Business

Ninja Skills For Life and Business

Have you noticed that life and business seem to be getting more complicated? Do you find yourself overwhelmed at times, frustrated with having to deal with people and their reactions? Ninja Skills for Life & Business is designed to be simple and easy, a breath of fresh air. You will learn powerful distinctions, and experience their impact right away.

We will meet as a group on alternating Wednesdays for a 90 minute workshop on the topics indicated below. This will be a time for all of us to collectively take a deep breath, slow down, and relax into the transformative power of insight. Be prepared to be in a quiet place where you will have no interruptions, with audio and video access to allow for full participation. In these interactive sessions, you will have plenty of time for sharing, questions, reflection and insight. It will be a beautiful way to end your week.

In addition to the bi-weekly workshops, you can opt in to receive personalized one on one coaching with me. We will meet for 90 minutes, allowing plenty of time to slow down, and engage in a deeply meaningful conversation that will support you where you are right now.



September 7th – Information vs. Transformation

September 21st – Expectations vs. Agreements

October 5th – The Awesome Power of YOUR Agenda

October 19th – Boundaries, the Limits of Love

November 2nd – Social Self vs. Professional Self

November 9th – Goodwill – The Secret Sauce of Success