Making Space

Making Space

Three days to explore your human experience

My life was very full, with a family, home and career. The demands seemed unending, and I began feeling weary and resentful. Afraid to make mistakes, I would overthink every decision, and I was disappointed that my strive for perfection didn’t seem to make me or anyone else happy.

Looking for some relief, I started on a personal growth journey over 20 years ago. In my quest I found an abundance of books and seminars, processes and techniques. I became an avid student, devouring as much content as I could. All of this learning helped, and my experience of life improved bit by bit. But after a while, even that became overwhelming, as it seemed there was always more to learn.

In 2017, I came across an understanding of the three principles of mind, consciousness and thought. Everything changed, although at the time it was barely perceptible.
I no longer felt compelled to seek answers. My habit of overthinking every little decision disappeared, and my engagement and enjoyment of life improved. I enjoyed more ease and connection in relationships. I noticed a sharp increase in productivity, as my network of friends and business associates expanded.

The best part is that I wasn’t doing anything to make this happen. There were no techniques or processes. Today I more regularly experience a sense of peace, even in the midst of challenging circumstances.

Would a sense of peace and clarity support you right now?
“Making Space” may be the catalyst to change your experience. In this three-day intensive, we will slow down and explore what is most important to you, looking through the lens of the three principles. The conversation is simple, practical and profound.
Take the time now to “Make Space” for your life.

                                                                                                                 – Jane