Ninja Skills for Life and Business

Have you noticed that life and business seem to be getting more complicated?                           Do you find yourself overwhelmed at times, frustrated with having to deal with people and their reactions? Ninja Skills for Life & Business is designed to be simple and easy, a breath of fresh air. You will learn powerful distinctions, and experience their impact right away.

Personalized Coaching

What would it be like to have one person in your life who is dedicated to you and your vision? 

I am that partner who will walk the path along with you.  You receive personalized attention where I listen deeply to understand your concerns and dreams. Together, we take the time to explore, observe, and notice nuances.  You have the time and space to for self-reflection.  At this level of understanding, transformation occurs naturally and has a lasting impact.  


Making Space

“Making Space” may be the catalyst to change your experience.       

In this three-day intensive, we will slow down and explore what is most important to you, looking through the lens of the three principles. The conversation is simple, practical and profound.