Emerging Leaders

Emerging Leaders

Emerging Leaders Training & Coaching Program

As a leader, how would you like to have confidence in your decision making, even in uncertain times? What kind of impact could you have if you were able to consistently create and maintain positive professional relationships?

Imagine having someone on your side who is there to tell you the truth, to help point out your blind spots, and encourage you to expand your thinking and possible options.

The Emerging Leadership Coaching and Training program is designed for high impact. I engage with you and your team in a series of interactive group workshops which can be customized to tackle real time issues or projects that will engage your team in timely, relevant conversation.

I work with you, the leader in a personalized one on one setting, where we can debrief team interactions, and really explore communication and leadership in a powerful and impactful way.



Leadership Coaching, Proven Results

  • Consistently Create and Maintain Positive Professional Relationships
  • Confidence in Decision Making
  • Communication that gets Results
  • Personal and Professional Growth

Team Training

  • Six (6) Interactive Workshops for your team.
  • Zoom or In Person
  • Flexible Selection of Topics
  • Interaction of Leader and the Team in a Group Setting


  • Boundaries, The Limits of Love
  • Expectations vs. Agreements
  • Information vs. Transformation
  • The Awesome Power of the Agenda – Where Vision meets Structure
  • Three Tools to make Communication Simple, Creative and Purpose Driven
  • Elements of Effective Presentations
  • Three Qualities of a Great Mentor
  • The Power of Competition
  • Three Levels of Commitment
  • The Principle of Thought
  • Goodwill, the Secret Sauce of Success
  • Harness the Power of Human Resilience
  • Transformational Communication & Leadership

Six Month Leadership Program Combines

  • Team Coaching and Training – where team dynamics can be observed.
  • Personalized One on one Coaching with the Leader.
  • Debrief of Team Interactions
  • Timely and Relevant Solutions


The Six Month Program Includes:
  • Half Day Kickoff Session to establish goals and action plan.
  • Two 90 minute one on one Personalized Coaching Sessions per month
  • Use Team Interaction for targeted development.
  • Unlimited e-mail access to Jane for questions.
  • Flexible 15 Minute Spot Coaching Sessions as needed.
  • 2 Hour Completion Session