About Jane Cabrera

About Jane Cabrera

Making Space enables you to declutter your mind and allow your creativity to uncover solutions/possibilities that you would never discover with a cluttered mind.”
Hugh "Tony" Moore
Moore Financial Service Group


Jane’s career began in Accounting, specializing in Organizational Change Management. While leading process change initiatives for Coca-Cola Enterprises, she realized that the most important thing in business is the “people connection”. She found herself naturally teaching and coaching leaders and teams in the process of making change. 

Jane became an avid student of human potential. She took the initiative to explore her own thoughts and assumptions about money, career and purpose, and transitioned into training and coaching as a career. Honing her skills in delivering structured courses and forming partnerships with other coaches, she co-led transformational workshops throughout the US and Europe. She noticed the most positive impact and lasting change occurred with clients who stayed on the path for an extended time and received personalized one on one support.


Jane believes that each individual has their own inner guidance, that special spark that makes them uniquely qualified to contribute to the world in their own way. She has an ability to listen to her clients in a way that allows them to slow down their thoughts, making space for heightened awareness. Connecting with her client’s innate wisdom, simple solutions and powerful outcomes occur naturally. Her light- hearted and simple approach has proven successful for her clients, both corporate and private many times over.

Focusing on being an agent of change with corporate and organizational clients, Jane provides engaging, insightful and empirical workshops, customized to meet your organization’s needs.


Jane believes that we all lead by example whether we are aware of it or not. She serves in leadership in her local community chamber of commerce, as well as with Toastmasters International District 47. She found the positive learning environment provided by Toastmasters had a powerful impact in her own personal and professional life. Jane achieved Distinguished Toastmasters status in July of 2021. The DTM award is given only to those who have demonstrated outstanding leadership and communication skills and who have used these skills to help others in their self-development efforts.