Personalized Coaching

A coaching relationship is a highly creative relationship, where you and I come together to create something in your life, from wherever you are right now. Because our work together is so personalized, I do not offer one-size-fits all packages or programs.

It all starts with a conversation.

I like to slow it down, and take time to get to know you and where you are coming from. Together we explore what you are up to, what you are wanting to create, as well as understanding any obstacles that may slow you down or get in your way. From a place of clarity and understanding, we co-create agreements together to create the safety and space needed to allow you to transcend any obstacles, and move forward in your creative endeavor.

Creating the Unknown

Highly intuitive people are often in the space of creating something, but that something doesn’t have form. It is difficult to define their project, because it hasn’t unfolded as of yet. In coaching, I create a safe and fun space where we can go on the journey into the unknown together, and see what unfolds and takes form. My role as your coach is to listen deeply and reflect back your inner wisdom, to help you to stay on the path that is uniquely yours.

Gaining Clarity around Finances

I am an accountant by background, and I find that many of my clients benefit from allowing the coaching conversation to expand into the area of finances.

Money is one of those topics that is very uncomfortable for many people. Many of us have associated all kinds of unhelpful thoughts and emotions with money, and as a result it can be difficult to gain clarity on our own financial situation, objectives and possibilities. My role as your coach is to help you transcend unhelpful thoughts and judgments, and to see your situation from a more factual place.

Each person has a different level of understanding, and each person’s needs are unique. Some people maintain their own spreadsheets or other forms of analysis, and find it helpful to just talk through their situation and experience.
Other people request my help in putting the analysis together for them, and together we come to a higher level of understanding of their situation.

What Might the Future Hold? Financial Projections

Some people call it a budget. I like to call it a cash flow analysis. But either way, it can be helpful to look at an analysis of the year ahead, a picture of what you anticipate to happen financially. I find this is one of the best tools to help people get in front of their finances, so they are responding from an empowered place, instead of always reacting to “surprises”.

If you are anticipating a change in financial status, or want to consider making a change in financial status (like retirement for example), it is helpful to do some analysis to get an understanding of the economics beforehand.

The nature of the work I do in this area is to help you gain a higher level of clarity and understanding for yourself. I do not give investment or tax advice, and I don’t do tax returns. I recommend that you retain the services of financial professionals in those areas. Our work together will help you to have a more informed conversation with your financial professional.