ASAP Engagement
The Passion Test® for Solo-preneurs

Advanced Solutions for Activating Passionate Engagement

“To have absolute success in any area, the most important prerequisite must be that you have a passion for doing it.”
~ Chris Attwood and Janet Bray Attwood ~
Clarity, expressed with elegant simplicity, ignites passion.
Passion is the foundation of success.
The Passion Test® : A tool that changes lives, is now changing businesses.
When you work on your own, you do everything for your business. Sometimes the volume and urgency of everyday chores can cause you to lose your direction. You may become frustrated and tired. You may even feel lost or that your heart is no longer in your business!
ASAP Engagement for Solo-preneurs is a three phase process that will help you rediscover your purpose, re- ignite your passion, and find more energy to allow you to revitalise your business. It will get you back in touch with your core values and passions so you can reconnect to why you are doing what you are doing and move to the next level.
The ASAP Engagement for Solo-preneurs program helps you find clarity. With your Passion Test for Business Certified Facilitator as your guide, you will identify the Unique Contribution that you alone can make in your community. Together you will identify your top 5 to 10 Company Passions and develop simple, elegant statements that guide you in making decisions that support your business growth. We help you to create your Culture Action Plan; the things you need to do to implement your Company passions.
Increase your: Productivity Innovation
Engagement Connections Profitability
Identify the Unique Contribution of your business and how it is supported by your Company Passions.
Identify your Company Passions and how they are supported by your personal passions.
Create a Culture Action Plan that aligns with your passions & supports your business growth.