ASAP Engagement – The Passion Test® for Business

Advanced Solutions for Activating Passionate Engagement
“Your passions are like breadcrumbs, leading you on to the path of your destiny.”
~ Chris Attwood and Janet Bray Attwood ~
A Tool that Changes Lives: The Passion Test is a simple, yet powerful tool to help anyone discover the things that matter most to them in their life. Chris Attwood and Janet Bray Attwood, co-­authors of the NY Times bestselling book, The Passion Test – The Effortless Path to Discovering Your Life Purpose, have helped tens of thousands of people to discover their passions and begin living their life-purpose. They have also trained over 1000 Certified Passion Test facilitators to expand their reach.
Is Now Changing Business: Just as every individual has unique gifts and a unique purpose in life, every company provides a unique value to its customers, clients and to the world. That Unique Contribution is the company’s purpose for being.
Just as individual passions are defined by the things that matter most, a Company’s Passions are statements of those things that matter most for the company to deliver its Unique Contribution, and which are expressed with an elegant simplicity that inspires passion.
By Creating Full Engagement: ASAP Engagement now offers companies of any size, the ability to systematically create alignment between the work passions of its employees with the mission and passions of the company. The result is a passionate, engaged workforce, made up of people who are excited about coming to work every day and that maximizes productivity, innovation, retention and bottom-line profits.
Increase Productivity
Identify Company’s Mission or Unique Contribution and Company Passions.
Identify employee’s Work Passions and Core Passions and how they align with the Company Passions.
Create a Culture Action Plan (CAP) that is aligned and supports both the company and the employees. This increases cooperation, engagement, and profits.


ASAP Engagement – Engage the Passion

Advanced Solutions for Activating Passionate Engagement
When you are clear, what you choose to have show up in your life will, and only to the extent you are clear.”
­~ Chris Attwood and Janet Bray Attwood ~

Clarity, expressed with elegant simplicity, ignites passion. Passion is the foundation of success.
How can we inspire our employees to be committed to our purpose and passionate about delivering value to our customers and clients?
How do we make our Company Passions a part of day-to-day decision making?







A company’s purpose is defined by the Unique Contribution it delivers to customers, clients, employees, shareholders, and the world at large. Companies exist to enrich each of these specific entities.
The 5-­10 things that matter most, and which excite, inspire, and motivate the company’s staff to deliver that Unique Contribution, are the Company’s Passions.
Every individual has a unique purpose and unique passions. When individual purpose and passion is aligned with corporate purpose and passion, magic happens. Employees are engaged, productivity soars and profitability is maximized.
What we do
We make your company’s Unique Contribution and passions living, breathing, vibrant parts of your everyday work life. Using the proprietary Passion Test process we help you define or re- express your Company’s 5-­10 Passions—those things that are most important for you to deliver your company’s Unique Contribution. Out of this process emerges a statement of that Unique Contribution, expressed with elegant simplicity. And then we support you in creating a Culture Action Plan (CAP) that ensures these Company Passions become the basis of decision-making at every level of your organization.
  • Alignment between employee passions and corporate passions leads to active engagement—engagement increases productivity, innovation, team cooperation, retention and profitability
  • Applying a proven process for identifying passion in individuals and companies ensures consistent results
  • Pre- and post-surveys measure changes in engagement
  • Culture Action Plan provides clear, defined steps with responsibilities to ensure accountability of implementation
  • Trainings are fun, and personally rewarding for employees


ASAP Engagement – Drive the Passion

Advanced Solutions for Activating Passionate Engagement
“Whenever you are faced with a choice, a decision, or an opportunity, choose in favor of your passions.”
­~ Chris Attwood and Janet Bray Attwood ~

When the corporate mission becomes personal, employees become engaged.
Our company has a clear mission and we’ve identified our company passions. How do we engage our employees to fulfill them?
How do we maximize our productivity, retention and ability to innovate?
A company mission statement and operating principles that stay on the wall have limited value. These statements become valuable when employees take ownership of them.The secret is to connect the corporate mission to individual employee work passions, to the things that the employee cares most deeply about.
What we do
Our Drive the Passion program is a customized solution for mid to large-sized companies that have already defined their Unique Contribution and core operating principles. The process is fully scalable. Starting with the areas of your company that are your core differentiators, each group, division, department and team can identify their Unique Contribution and departmental Passions, as they relate to those of the company. Then the process aligns team members with those values. We support you in creating a Culture Action Plan (CAP) for each area of your company to drive passion into every corner of your organization and train your own trainers to deliver The Passion Test for Business.
  • Passion Test training ignites passion and engagement among your staff
  • Culture Action Plan provides clear responsibilities and timetables for accountability
  • Staff develop the habit of making corporate mission and company passions the basis of decision-­making
  • Pre- and post-surveys provide Level 3 predictive results of employee engagement
  • Integrated approach ensures common use of corporate values throughout the company Deliverables
  • Unique Contribution and Company Passion statements with Markers
  • Culture Action Plan with responsibilities and timelines
  • Half day trainings for up to 50 staff each course
  • Hiring process to ensure new hires are aligned