About Jane

I believe that every human being has their own internal wisdom, and my greatest joy in being a coach is to help you gain the clarity to hear your own guidance. From that place of knowing, the next step is always simple. I love simplicity.

I have been influenced by many different mentors, teachers and coaches over the years, and I incorporate my own personal experiences into my coaching.

Before becoming a coach, I was in the accounting profession for over 20 years. I specialized in corporate change management (transformation), and headed up many large-scale business process implementations. The human component of any project always fascinated me. When it comes to making change, I have seen large-scale change occur in a very short period of time. People are very capable, especially when the have a clear vision of where they are headed. I have a very high level of certainty that you can make change too, and I bring that certainty to every coaching session.

About 10 years ago, I was growing weary of my over-scheduled life. The demands of a full time career and raising a family had left me feeling that there was “no time for me”. In my search for answers, I took a course called “Money Freedom”, taught by master trainer Beth Lefevre. I opened my mind to explore my thoughts and assumptions about money, time, and my role in this life. That was the first glimpse I had of myself as a coach / teacher, and I slowly began a transition into my current career.

I had and took the opportunity to certify as an instructor of “Money Freedom.” I found myself intrigued with the concepts and wanted to go deeper into my learning and understanding. My instructor Tanya Villar and I spent many hours in deep conversation around various concepts. At some point it became clear that through these conversations, we had developed the material for the next evolution of the course. We joined forces with Beth Lefevre, changed the name of the course to “The Money and Life Freedom Weekend Experience,” and together the three of us taught the course in the US and Norway over a four year period.

More currently, I am a graduate of Steve Chandler’s Advanced Client Systems, which is a program for coaches to build their coaching practice on the basis of love and service. I worked one on one extensively with Melissa Ford, the queen of love and service and I have learned from the best. I strive to build my coaching practice from this foundation, and I share this approach with clients who hire me to help them with practice building.

On a personal note, my husband and I have two grown children whose careers and schooling have taken them all over the country. We enjoy traveling around to keep up with them.

I have a very lighthearted view on life and I love to laugh and enjoy simple things. My favorite hobby is paint by numbers. I love the simplicity of it. I am somewhat athletic – without overdoing it. I enjoy taking on physical challenges. For example I did a 24K mountain hike in Norway last summer. This year I am pursuing a 50 mile bike ride, just for the fun of it. I enjoy physical exercise, and I find that I have more fun and motivation when I am working toward some goal. I love to travel to beautiful natural environments, especially anywhere where I can go kayaking. And any time my family joins me in these adventures it’s even better.

I bring this lighthearted nature to my coaching as well. My experience has been that wisdom flourishes when we are relaxed, laughing and enjoying.