Jane Cabrera

Jane CabreraJane started her career as a CPA and has over 20 years of experience as a corporate controller, specializing in organizational change management. She is an expert in internal controls, business process implementation, and corporate oversight.
Through her experiences with leading organizational change, Jane became increasingly aware of how human behavioral dynamics impacted the progress of any and all business initiatives.ptlogo-color
Following her passions and personal initiative in 2007, Jane delved deeper into the study of human behavior and human energy dynamics. This led her to study and experience leading edge technology for adult learning. Jane holds several certifications and has written and taught workshops that guide others to create permanent shifts towards their life goals.
Through her workshops and mentoring, Jane has helped individuals, families and businesses to use simple, practical tools that create dramatic desirable results.
Jane is the co-creator of The Money and Life Freedom Weekend Experience, developed with business partners Beth Lefevre and Tanya Villar. Using a unique combination of experiential and emotional learning techniques, participants come to understand their experience of money and wealth in a whole new light, and shift to a more empowering mindset during the weekend.
Participants report a new found sense of freedom as well as actual increases in wealth and income.
As a facilitator of ASAP Engagement – The Passion Test for Business, Jane brings all of her experience together, helping companies implement “the human touch” with a focus on tangible, measurable results that companies can “take to the bank.”