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You’re Ready for a New Experience

There comes a time in life when you know you are ready for a new experience. You want to experience more enjoyment in your work, finances, or personal relationships. Perhaps you want to jump into a new venture, or reignite an existing project that feels stale or stagnant.

And something holds you back. Where do you start?

Change Your Perspective … Change Your Experience

For me, I had attempted to transition into a new career. I had done a lot of training as a coach, but was struggling with the business side of building a coaching practice. I hired my coach, Melissa Ford to help me.

Taking that first step toward change, asking for help, and receiving feedback, was really uncomfortable in the beginning. Here is a short video where Melissa and I recall some of our early experiences with getting coached, and how it felt in the beginning.

As I continued in coaching, the uncomfortable feelings just didn’t seem to matter as much. My coach offered a different perspective. Events I perceived as “failures” she saw as steps on the path, more like milestones. Proof in fact, that I was well on my way! This perspective opened my mind to fresh ideas, and I was willing to try new things.

New Actions… New Insights

For me, coaching is a very rich and enjoyable journey that unfolds, one step at a time. I found a willingness to try things out, just to see what would happen. From those experiences I learned what worked and what didn’t, and I was able to make informed adjustments and just keep moving forward. With the support and encouragement of my coach, my experience transformed from one of struggle, confusion and frustration, into a fun and exiting project that we were working on together.

Are you ready to begin your journey?

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